• How do I book accommodation?
    Booking is possible only by completing the reservation form on our web site. Please, select the dates of your stay and type of accommodation you have chosen. The system will show you the price for the accommodation (always check the room conditions). If you agree with the total price and the booking conditions, the reservation form will show up. Once you finish the order form, your reservation will be confirmed shorty to your email address.
  • Can I book your services by telephone, e-mail or fax?
    Unfortunately, not. If you wish to make a booking, please fill in the order form on our website.
  • Will you need a security deposit?
    Yes indeed. A security deposit will be blocked on your card and released 48 hours following your departure.
  • What's the security deposit for?
    In case of: - Damaged or broken furniture - Damaged appliances or lighting - Damaged television of Hi-Fi equipment - Stained or damaged walls and upholstery - Broken dishes, windows or mirrors - Damaged or missing accessories - Flooding or fire. If anything gets damaged during your stay, simply contact us.
  • Are there any house rules?
    Our apartments have a strict no-smoking and no-pet policy. The rest of the rules will be sent over with your confirmation email
  • Do My Swiss Booking apartments have an internet connection?
    All of our apartments come with a speedy WiFi internet connection.
  • At what time can I check-in and check-out?
    You can check-in as of 16:00. Because we'll be greeting you at the apartment, please let us know (as soon as you can) if your scheduled time of arrival has changed. Regarding the ckeck-out is 11:00am. Please note that if you decide to depart after 11:00, you will be requested to pay for half the night.
  • What should I do when I leave?
    Please be sure to turn off all lights, air conditioning and close all doors and windows. Please do not concern yourself with washing-up or cleaning, we’ll take care of all that.
  • How is my personal data used?
    Your personal data is used to provide you with the best possible service in the most efficient manner. We may also use this data to send you emails with special offers and services that we think will be of interest to you.
  • Will my email address be shared for marketing purposes?
    No. For more information, please see our Confidentiality Policy.
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